Want to know how JPS Energy Solutions can transform your life?

We have a complied a few of our most frequently asked questions to better assist you:


1. How much does a solar system cost?

The price of a system is determined by its size (i.e. how many panels you need and what the customer wants to achieve)


2. How many panels will I need to power my home?

The average home with a monthly energy consumption of 400kWh or less will find our popular 2-panel solution the best fit.


3. Does each solar system come outfitted with batteries?

The 2-panel system does not include batteries. That is a separate and different type of system.


4. What comes included in my costs for acquiring a solar system?

The 2-panel system consists of 2x250Watt solar panels and one inverter (500Watts), performance monitor, electrical material and labour to support 45ft of cable run and transportation.


5. How long does it take to install the solar panels?

  • Residential Systems with up to 6 panels – 1 day
  • Residential Systems with 6 or more panels - 2 or 3 days 


6. Can we see a sample solar system set up in store?

There are currently no sample solar systems in store, however we would be able to show photos of previous projects.


7. Are there any installation and transport costs?

There are installation and delivery costs, these are dependent on the size and location of the project.


8. What are the servicing fees of PV systems?

Servicing fees are in line with the size and scope of the project.


9.  Can I buy and commission a third party installer?

Yes, however for the purposes of preserving the integrity of the warranty it

is advisable to have JPS as both the installer and provider of the equipment.


10. Can I supply my own equipment?

Yes, you may be able to supply your own equipment, however you will be

required to have a net billing license under the new MSET (Ministry of

Science, Energy and Technology) regulations.


11. Can I upgrade my existing solar system set up?

Yes, most PV systems are scalable.


12. Do solar systems come outfitted with batteries?

Grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are able to produce cheaper electricity in the daytime. However, once batteries are introduced (e.g. off-grid or hybrid PV systems), it becomes more expensive. Only 5% of systems installed worldwide are battery-based systems, these are very expensive systems.

- Most battery-based systems being installed for testing are done by power companies and yes, JPS is exploring this technology as we speak.


13. What is the performance warranty of the solar panels? 

Industry standard is 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.


14. Does JPS assist with the government approval process? (electricity license, net billing license, GEI approval).

  • As of Dec 2016 all persons seeking to generate their own electricity MUST obtain a license from the Minister of Energy. The cost of a net billing license is approximately $30,000 (Home) and $115,000 (Business) *Being revised by MSET
  • Other charges associated with grid interconnection will apply.
  • Net Billing and associated costs will vary according to the size of the systems. Estimated costs are $230,000.

 Read more on net billing at

 *These costs are the responsibility of the customer