Energy Management Services

Energy Audits Services

a. Energy Solutions has an extensive list of logging/measuring equipment
b. Audit is conducted by team of Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), Certified Energy Managers (CEM)
c. Energy Solutions is an arm of Jamaica Public Service Company which will be around for years to come
d. Energy Solutions has island wide representation through JPS' customer service offices
e. Has the capability to implement energy efficiency measures
f. Had the capability to validate the impact of implemented energy efficiency measures

Logging and Measurement Services

a. A range of measuring devices (wind speed, power parameters, power quality, etc)
b. Competent and experienced equipment operators
c. Year of experience in measuring and correlating energy consumption and production data
d. Energy efficiency impact verification services

Power Factor Correction Services

a. Automatic capacitor bank for power factor correction where there is variable load
b. Designs to compensate for issues in harmonic rich environments
c. Experienced service personnel
d. Can provide PF correction impact measurement and verification services - optional
e. Can provide equipment maintenance and repair services - optional

Supply of LED Lighting

a. Can source all standard wattages and lamp types
b. Provides lamp installation services
c. Can provide benefit cost analysis
d. Island wide delivery